Who We Help and How

Developed with input from people with disabilities, Accessibility Resolved provides accommodations for a wide array of disabilities in compliance with WCAG 2.1 and other worldwide legislation.

Visually Impaired

Visually Impaired
For People with Visual Impairments:
The ability to manage the font size and type, spacing, cursor size and contrast levels makes sites legible. Additional accommodations for the colorblind address those visual impairments.

Seniors & Cognitively Impaired

elderly cognitively impaired
All tools are simple to locate, understand, and use.
For Seniors: Help navigating the site is available immediately on the page.
For the Cognitively Impaired: Accessing the toolset is an easily recognizable one-click step.


For the Blind: Websites with Accessibility Resolved’s Widget deployed are set up for Screen Readers to work, which the Blind depend on for using the web.

Mobility Impaired

Mobility Impaired
For People with Mobility Impairments: Simple and more accessible keyboard controls remove dependency on a mouse for navigation. Site’s become fully navigable using a keyboard’s tab key, arrow keys, the enter key and spacebar.

Situationally Disabled

Situationally Disabled
For People with Situational Disabilities: Circumstances – like an injury or illness – can cause temporary disability or impairment. Our easy to use modifications help to keep technology accessible no matter how long they find themselves impaired.